Bask in the light of loving-kindness and fill your heart with peace.


Does this sound familiar?

I want to trust myself again, even after all the bad, bad mistakes. 

I don't want to feel so restless, empty, and confused. 

I don't like who I am right now. How do I find love for myself?

I'm lost and floundering. I want to feel present, alive, and clear on where I'm going.

I want to put one foot in front of the other without worrying so much about what other people think.


You have a light in you, Dear One, and oh, how the world longs to see it.

The trouble is, some days you can't even see it. Maybe it's your inner critic telling you you're worthless, unlovable. Or your past, the little aches and big hurts you don't know how to let go of.

Restlessness, fear, sadness, shame. You've had enough of it. Now, you're ready to feel light, free, and more decisive about where you're headed.


Meet the Beloved Flame Practice.


When anyone asks how they can get over their fears, let go of self-sabotaging behaviors, stop procrastinating, forgive, find themselves, reprogram their inner critic, or move on from the past, my answer is always this:

begin with love.


And this is how. 

The Beloved Flame Practice is a 4-week meditation and journal practice all about nurturing the light in you so you can live a happy, prosperous, loving life - authentically.

A life of seeing abundance, not lack.

A life of looking upon yourself with love, not criticism. 

A life of meaning and purpose, not emptiness and restlessness.

This is the practice that returns you to your truest self and your natural connection to the world. It's the how of clarity and compassion. 

You CAN feel free lighter, freer, and more connected.


Even if right now...

  • You're feeling restless and blah.
  • You have no idea what you want, what you like, who you are.
  • You are *so* on autopilot.
  • You're in the middle of a world-famous existential crisis (believe me, I've been there!).
  • You don't know how to love yourself.


  • Reading every self-help book on the planet. 
  • An elaborate morning and evening routine that takes over your life.
  • Quitting everything and starting from zero (and still not knowing what you want).


All you need is the willingness to begin where you are. 


 My story (in a nutshell)...

For as long as I can remember, I thought of myself as a misfit. In any given situation, I was too much of one thing or too little of another. Too quiet. Too sensitive. Too naive. Too excitable. Too serious. Too troubled. Too sheltered. Too rigid. Too Type A. Too soft. And no matter what, not good enough.

I tried everything to fit in and finally feel complete. I tried to compete my way to peace and starve myself to self-acceptance. Over and over, I pushed my intuition further down thinking it would make me better. It only made me disappear. 


Then one day, I looked in the mirror and found a stranger there. 


That day, I finally additted that I'd created a monster. Sure, everything was "fine" on the outside, but on the inside, I was dying. I decided that if I was ever going to find the peace I'd been seeking, I would have to choose (and trust and love) me


In the last few years, I've figured out that there's something in me worth nurturing. It's the spark of hope when I fail, that steady conviction when no one gets what I'm doing, the reliable breath that anchors me to the truth of who I am. 

Through trial and error, I've learned that when you find a little spark like that, you have to let it grow, and that takes intention. Attention. S p a c e. It means loving the part of me that's scared, even when I'm feeling lost and offering whatever I have to feed that fire, even when it feels like I'm so far from where I want to be.


This is how the Beloved Flame Practice began. 


The Beloved Flame Practice is based on my years of working as a psychologist. I specialize in positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion, and I've clocked thousands of hours helping others find their own path to inner peace and love. 

And this is the practice I've used in my own life to call upon a healing, loving energy for myself and all beings.

I use it when I'm feeling lost, fragile, or frozen. These are the questions that help me remember what it is I intend to do with this life, and these meditations bring me back to my truest self, open, loving, and certain of my connection to others.

Here's what others are saying about the writing and exercises I've shared:



How does the Beloved Flame Practice work?

The Beloved Flame Practice is a 4-week meditation and journaling practice that you complete at your own pace. Start and end each week aligning your actions with your heart in the journal. Complete each meditation however it fits in your schedule during the week and use the corresponding journal questions to deepen the experience. The journal also includes daily reflection questions to keep your fire burning the entire four weeks.

What's inside: 



Through uplifting visuals and healing self-talk, these meditations bring you deep into the feelings of peace, love, and light. This series of meditations takes you on a journey of setting deeply felt, sincere intentions, invoking the healing of self-compassion, and offering the light in you to the world through loving-kindness.



10 luscious minutes of getting deep into the feelings of your intentions and nurturing the sacred flame in you. It's all about the light.




A radiant 20-minute loving-kindness meditation rooted in the feeling you wish to cultivate in your life and spread throughout the world. Everything is illuminated in this meditation.



Bring the healing energy of compassion to your body, mind, and spirit with 15 minutes of love and reverence for yourself. This is the start of letting go.




Get yourself off autopilot with this 3-minute meditation for feeling clear, decisive, and alive. It's a burst of heartfelt purpose just when you need it.


And spoken word poetry and prose about the light in you sprinkled in to awaken your spirit.

BONUS: I've included printable written instructions and cues to use as your map when you're ready to go solo or want to get into the piece of the practice your spirit needs on the fly.



Meant to be used together with the Beloved Flame Meditations or on its own, this 4-week journal will take you on an illuminating journey. 


Begin and end your Beloved Flame Practice from a place of purpose. Clarify your why and set an intention for this experience.


Complete these questions after each meditation to capture the light and take it with you. Put the imagery, the emotions, and the aha moments from your meditation into words and use that to inspire life- and light-affirming action.



Get grounded and aligned with your heart as you start and end each week. You don't have to wait for a new week - use these questoins as often as you like to fan your fire.



Make a declaration - you are worthy of being seen and heard. These are your truths. These are your desires. This is your story. Get reacquainted with the sound of your own voice and tap into your natural wisdom. I hand-picked 28 questions from my own journals. They are my very favorite way to remember the joy of being me. 


The Beloved Flame Practice is $27, with $5 from each sale going to the Love and Blessings for Mother Earth fundraiser benefiting Rainforest Alliance. As a special thanks, I'm also including the Love and Blessings for Mother Earth Meditation to every order.

Ready to feed your spark? Click the button below to order the Beloved Flame Practice.


Your beautiful heart will change this world,



Do I need to have experience in meditation?
No experience needed! All you need to do is listen. The meditations will guide you through every step of the way. 


Do I need to be a good writer to do the journaling?
Absolutely not! Journaling isn't about writing style, grammar, or talent. It's about setting aside the time to get in touch with your voice and the wisdom it holds. 


What if I fall behind during the 4 weeks?
This practice is completely self-paced. The journal is broken up into four weeks, but you can take however long you need. If you ever fall behind, remind yourself of your intentions when starting this practice and find your way back on a schedule that works for you.

How do I access the meditations and journal questions?
Once you order, you get instant access to the entire practice. Everything is fully downloadable so you can take the meditations and journal anywhere. I've also formatted the journal to be printer-friendly so you can easily print as many copies as you like.


Do therapy or coaching sessions come with this practice? 
Right now, no. The Beloved Flame Practice includes meditations and four weeks of journal prompts for you to use at home however you like. If you have questions along the way, you can always reach me by email.


What's your return policy?
I put this together to help you find your way to inner peace and love. If you're not satisfied with this practice for any reason, just contact me at to request a full refund.


Ready to bask in the light?
Click here to order your copy of the Beloved Flame Practice now.


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