Revive your passion.

Want to...

Stop looking outside of yourself for validation?

Feel radiant, not restless?

And be more present, clear, and joyful in your life?

Here's how I did it...


Hi, I'm Leslie Ralph, and compassion is my passion.

Over the last 15 years, I've immersed myself in all things healing - from positive psychology to spiritual development, and everything in between. In my work as a psychologist, my writing, and art, I help sensitive spirits fill their hearts with peace and love themselves for life

When I started, I just wanted to fix myself. I was always too much or too little. Too quiet, too hyper, too sensitive, too dark. (Why couldn't I just be normal?)

I spent so much energy on being good enough that I lost myself. I had no idea what I liked much less who I was.  

Today, I know there's something in me worth nurturing.
Just like I know there's something in you.

How'd I do it?

By listening to that little voice in me that I'd pushed away for so long.

It said it wanted to write a children's book (much to my surprise), so under the cover of darkness, I grabbed a pencil and a sheet of paper from the printer. And I drew.

It asked, what if you wrote a poem? So, I decided to find secret...on the back of an envelope I found in my purse.

I have to be honest, it was real awkward at first, but those small decisions tranformed my life.

I performed the miracle of bringing myself back to life.

Here's how you can, too:


These free downloads grew from my years of experience as a psychologist, and they're what I do in my own life to restore the clarity and excitement in my life.


A Ritual for Receiving: Fill your heart with peace and clarity - every day.

2-Minute Revitalizing Meditation: Bask in love and gratitude. 


(And that poem?)

It became a book called There, I Might Find Peace. It's poetry and meditation for peace, love, and strength.

Carry the peace and love in your pocket with the free audio collection from There, I Might Find Peace.



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