Do you know how loving you are?

Use the free How to Have Your Back Beginning Guide to take stock of how loyal and loving you yourself. 

Included in the How to Have Your Back Beginning Guide:

  • Excerpts from How to Have Your Back: Simple Instructions for Loving Yourself through the Ups and Downs of Life.
  • An overview of five loving intentions behind self-love. 
  • Reflection questions for light introspection, self-assessment, and inspiration.
  • It comes in a downloadable PDF, so you can take it with you anywhere.

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Want to love yourself but don't know how?
Don't worry, neither did I.

Hi, I'm Leslie Ralph, and I’m on a mission to leave the world a little brighter than I found it, one beautiful heart at a time. In my work as a psychologist, my writing, and my art, I help sensitive spirits fill their hearts with peace and love themselves for life.  

Over the last 15 years, I’ve immersed myself in all things healing – from positive psychology to vibrational alignment, and everything in between. When I started, I just wanted to fix myself, but all it did was make me disappear.

Today, I've found the love, joy, and peace in my life. I brought myself back to life, and it keeps on getting better. 

I’ve learned a lot along the way, but the single most important thing I discovered was this: there’s something in me worth nurturing. Just like I know there’s something in you

And this is exactly why I do the work I do. This is my wish for us all: That we remember how to love ourselves come what may. 

If you want to love yourself unconditionally but don't know where to begin, try this
free How to Have Your Back Beginning Guide.  

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What do you have to lose (besides the inner critic, comparisons, pressure...)?

Praise from readers and students from my other books and programs (thank you for that)

“Two words: -Simply amazing!!! :D”

“This was a neat course. I compiled all the downloadable PDFs and made myself a little workbook with some blank pages for journaling. This made the course engaging. I appreciate the resources. Helpful information as well.”

“Thought it was a really good course. It had a lot of specifics–unlike some of the Udemy courses I’ve taken–and the visualization exercise included was fantastic!”

“I found this little gem at just the right time in my life. It’s a beautifully written book! It has already moved me to tears several times and I’m not even done with the whole book. Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your light with us all.”

“Leslie Ralph speaks to my soul. Uplifting and gratifying.”

“I am so touched by the reflections and emotions in the author’s book, truly. I can say that I loved ALL of it, but especially the pieces entitled “Before”, “Welcome Home”, “Instructions”, “I’m Ready”, “Bring The Stars Back To Your Eyes”, and “Note to Self”, all for different reasons. I DEEPLY resonated with “Affirmation for the Truth”, and I have several people I could dedicate “1,000 Flames” to immediately. The most telling question of all, perhaps, was the one asked in “True Courage”: “Of all the things in this world there are to fear, why fear your true self?” This is a deeply beautiful and thoughtful work that will resonate with so many.”

“What a treat! I found this book touching and beautiful, lyrical and, at times, my heart actually raced because I thought “yes, me too!! Me too!!”. I loved the simple beauty of not only the words but the drawings. They all brought peace to my soul. My very favorites are: Before, Starting Here, I’m Ready, Affirmation for Truth, Light Feels Like This and 1,000 Flames (oh the imagery with that one!). Thank you. This is truly a gift you’ve created and I hope it touches many, many more people the way it touched me. I’m ready to go back and read it over again and bookmark passages and pages so I can pull them out when I do feel the darkness around me and when I need to remember the light. A beautiful message. Highly recommend…”

“Only someone who has spent time in her own darkness can write with credibility about light. In order for the light to shine brightly, darkness must be present. It is a good little pocket book to carry with you.” 


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