Your love is curative.

How to Have Your Back is a guidebook for all of us seeking inner strength and serenity, no matter what life throws our way. Inside are lessons in five essential components of unconditional self-love and choosing how your life feels.

Discover how to find the balance between accountability and affection as you learn to see, speak to, and treat yourself like someone worth caring about.

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Inside How to Have Your Back are lessons in:  

  • Loyalty: Seeing and treating yourself like someone worth caring about.
  • Loving Interest: Showing up and paying attention to what you need–without the judgment.
  • Caring Communication: Speaking to yourself with love and encouragement.  
  • Heartfelt Action: Acting from the heart and taking the most loving steps available.
  • Dedication: Bringing the love again and again, come what may.


Each lesson contains: 

  • Simple, step-by-step instructions for practicing in the good times and bad.
  • Questions for contemplation so you can put the lessons into your own words.
  • Self-assessments for measuring your growth as you practice.
  • Pledges and mantras to infuse your life with more loving thoughts and self-talk.
  • And tips on what to do when loving yourself is hard. 

Bonus Self-Love Set

As I put the finishing touches on this book, I knew I wanted to put together a free reader experience to dive deeper into these intentions. I asked our community to share their burning questions and deepest desires about loving themselves.

Here’s what you said:

I want to love myself unconditionally.

I want to honor and value my own voice, and therefore, my own truth.

I want to trust and accept myself, to live by my heart.

I want to speak to myself with more adoration.

I want to put down the fight against myself.

I don't want to hurt myself anymore, in any way.


And the question woven throughout was, how do I do this?
What are the practicalities, the daily steps? Especially for the bad days?


I compiled my answers in the Self-Love Set. It’s a free deep-dive immersive experience to help bring the practices of having your back into daily life with ease. Self-love doesn’t need perfectionism or force behind it.  

Here's what's inside the Self-Love Set:

A downloadable Loving-Interest Meditation mp3.

A downloadable Affirmations of Love and Loyalty mp3.

And the Self-Love Day by Day: Philosophies + Practicalities of Loving Yourself PDF ebook. It’s a 10-day self-paced program for dipping down, acclimating, loving, taking a breath, and going deeper still. Self-Love Day by Day covers 10 philosophies and practical steps of loving yourself, fine-tuning your intentions, listening to your body, and choosing how your life feels.


If you want to love yourself unconditionally but don't know where to begin, try How to Have Your Back.  

Order How to Have Your Back in ebook, audiobook, or paperback and fill in the form below to have the Self-Love Set sent right to your inbox. What do you have to lose (besides the inner critic, comparisons, pressure...)?

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From me to you:

More than anything, I want you to know that you are worth caring about and taking care of. You're worth the time, interest, and energy of taking care of yourself, and that time, interest, and energy is all progress. Always. Even when it feels like you're moving in reverse. Even you've forgotten what you learned the last time and swore you'd change forever.  

Loyalty, loving interest, caring communication, heartfelt action, and dedication are never time wasted. Never, ever.  

Each time you choose to give time, interest, and energy to yourself is evidence of your growth and caring. That's what loving yourself looks like, making the choice whenever you can. Then doing it again and again and again. And there are so many ways to make that choice.  

This is my wish for us all: That we remember how to love ourselves come what may. 

To the unconditional love of you,


About the Author

Hi, I’m Leslie Ralph, and I create things for people seeking tenderness and healing, the ones who want to bring the light back into their lives and love themselves unconditionally. Articles, visualizations, poetry, self-help…all for finding the clarity, building the courage, and practicing the compassion that fosters lasting inner peace and self-love.

I’m a regular contributor at Positively Positive and Tiny Buddha and the author of There, I Might Find Peace: Poetry and Meditations for Peace, Love, and Strength.  When I’m not writing for grown-ups, I’m creating picture books with my children, devising kitchen table science experiments, and sneaking up on my husband and kids with a camera.  

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