May Your Well-Being Be Your Motivation

Self-Love Day by Day: 
A 10-Day Program for Loving Yourself Like You Wish to Be Loved

Self-Love Day by Day is a 10-day self-compassion program you can follow at your own pace. Inside are 10 philosophies and 20 daily practices based in self-compassion and mindfulness.

Over 10 days, you'll practice aligning with the way you love best, seeing yourself as someone worth taking care of, acting from a place of love, healing your past with love and forgiveness, and more.

With the contemplation exercises and daily practices in this book, you'll awaken your compassion and meet yourself with love so you can go out and share that love with the world. 

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From me to you, 

I recently asked our community of readers for their deepest desires, burning questions, and stuck points about self-love. I wanted to create an experience that brought the practice of self-love into daily life.  

In your responses, I heard the desire for a new way of living, especially when things get hard.

I want to learn how to slow down and trust that it’ll be okay.

I want to know my true priorities and feel in an everyday sort of way when I am/am not aligned with them.

I want to speak to myself with more adoration, less criticism. I want to put down the fight against myself. 

I'm learning to see the worth I have. I’d like to trust in that worth when things get hard.

I want to stay in a good-feeling place longer.

I heard the pressures, too.

I’m not practicing as hard or as much as I should. I want to get rid of my negative thinking.

And the question woven throughout was: How do I do this? What are the practicalities, the daily steps? Especially on the bad days?

There it was, in your own words: Self-Love Day by Day. The philosophies and the practicalities of loving yourself.

Here’s where I’m coming from in this program: self-love is part attitude, part routine. It’s more philosophy than tactics, but also very strategic. In practice, unconditional self-love comes from consistency but not rigidity and unwavering yet flexible convictions.

I gathered up everything I know about awakening compassion and turning your love inward and simplified it into 10 daily philosophies and practical steps. Every day stands alone, but they build. Not in breath so much as depth. We don’t need more information but rather more space and support in taking up that space. So, it’s 10 days of dipping down, acclimating, loving, taking a breath, and going deeper still. All with gentleness.

Praise From Readers of My Other Work (Thank You for That):

“Two words: -Simply amazing!!! :D”

“I found this little gem at just the right time in my life. It’s a beautifully written book! It has already moved me to tears several times and I’m not even done with the whole book. Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your light with us all.”

“Leslie Ralph speaks to my soul. Uplifting and gratifying.”

“I am so touched by the reflections and emotions in the author’s book, truly. I can say that I loved ALL of it, but especially the pieces entitled “Before”, “Welcome Home”, “Instructions”, “I’m Ready”, “Bring The Stars Back To Your Eyes”, and “Note to Self”, all for different reasons. I DEEPLY resonated with “Affirmation for the Truth”, and I have several people I could dedicate “1,000 Flames” to immediately. The most telling question of all, perhaps, was the one asked in “True Courage”: “Of all the things in this world there are to fear, why fear your true self?” This is a deeply beautiful and thoughtful work that will resonate with so many.”

“What a treat! I found this book touching and beautiful, lyrical and, at times, my heart actually raced because I thought “yes, me too!! Me too!!”. I loved the simple beauty of not only the words but the drawings. They all brought peace to my soul. My very favorites are: Before, Starting Here, I’m Ready, Affirmation for Truth, Light Feels Like This and 1,000 Flames (oh the imagery with that one!). Thank you. This is truly a gift you’ve created and I hope it touches many, many more people the way it touched me. I’m ready to go back and read it over again and bookmark passages and pages so I can pull them out when I do feel the darkness around me and when I need to remember the light. A beautiful message. Highly recommend…”

“Only someone who has spent time in her own darkness can write with credibility about light. In order for the light to shine brightly, darkness must be present. It is a good little pocket book to carry with you.” 

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Leslie Ralph, and I’m on a mission to leave the world a little brighter than I found it through my writing and art.

I write for children and adults. I write about the beauty in the world and the beauty of the heart. I spent a long time writing self-help, and I’m in transition now, following my own advice.

Whatever I create is in celebration of love, humanity, connection. And whatever form it takes, it’s always a story about love in the end.

I’ve learned a lot along the way, but the single most important thing I discovered was this: there’s something in me worth nurturing. Just like I know there’s something in you

And this is exactly why I do the work I do. This is my wish for us all: That we remember how to love ourselves come what may. 

Copyright 2019 Leslie Ralph
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